A Sobering Tale For All Businessmen – Pick The Right Accountants!

I have written about this topic before but I thought I would share with you what can happen if you choose an accountant based solely on price or because you like their website or name or the fact that they are franchise I have been amazed in my career as a Chartered Accountant at the […]

Make Sure You Know How Much Profit You Are Making

Many small business do not have adequate systems for identifying the amounts of profit or losses generated by different products and services, or even by the business as a whole, yet this information is absolutely essential if you want you business to grow. It is also important to know the costs of different areas of […]

Tax Avoidence – A Confusing Subject

Disclaimer: Paul Marks & Co Chartered Accountants is the trading name of Paul Marks Ltd a Limited Company registered in England and Wales (registered number 4487645). This video is designed for the information of readers only and viewers should not act on any of the information contained in this article without seeking professional advice. Nothing […]

What’s An Accountant?

Well in the UK the word ‘Accountant’ is Not Legally Protected unlike ‘Solicitors’ or ‘Doctors’ which means that anyone even without training or adequate experience can set themselves up in business and call themselves an ‘Accountant’. So what does this mean for you the public? Well there are a couple of principals that you need […]