Property & VAT

The VAT rules around land & property are very complicated, and I outline a very brief overview of some important considerations but as always it is vital to seek professional advice before starting any new project. The general principle is: Sales of new build residential property are zero rated Sales of new commercial buildings are […]

Your Home & Tax

The general rule is that your Principal Private Residence is exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Moving Home – The law allows you a certain period when you have bought a second home to live in but are still living in your old home (for instance when your new home needs to be renovated). This is covered […]

Property Rentals – An Overview

I give here a brief overview of SOME of the INCOME tax considerations that need to be borne in mind if you rent out property. As always you need to seek professional advice. Allowable expenses The expenses you can deduct from letting income (unless it’s under the Rent a Room scheme) include: letting agent’s fees […]