Don’t Pick Your Accountants Or Tax Advisors On Price!

Last week a client of ours came back to us.

Six weeks ago, they had left as they had been talking to a friend of theirs who said that their accountants were far cheaper than we were.

They came back to us because their new accountants were not providing the level of service, professionalism and expertise that we were providing.

They considered that our price was better ‘value’ to them than just a mere cost.

So, brings me to the point of my blog.

There are many people who will just pick their accountants or other things for that matter on price.

Generally, you get what you pay for and if something is a lot cheaper than its competitors then there is probably a very good reason for this.

The other point I hear all the time is my current accountants are great, I don’t pay much tax.

Really! That very statement worries me as there better be a good reason why you don’t pay much tax.

There are “legitimate tax avoidance arrangements” and “illegitimate tax avoidance arrangements” as well as the far more serious “tax evasion”.

How would you possibly know if your tax was correct?

The important thing is to make sure when picking an accountant or tax advisor.

  • They are qualified to do the job.
  • They are regulated – We are a firm of Chartered Accountants regulated by the ICAEW, widely regarded as the premier brand of accountants in the UK. That way you have someone to complain to.
  • They carry professional Indemnity Insurance (we are required to by the ICAEW)
  • They have experience in your field.
  • Ask to speak to one of their clients or have a look at their reviews to see what other customers think.


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