Why Reviewing Costs Is So Important For A Small Business

“Benjamin Franklin believed, ‘Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.’

Curious about how a small saving became a billion-dollar strategy?”

Ever heard the one about Jeff Bezos and the doors? Back in Amazon’s early days, Bezos was all about pinching pennies in the smartest ways possible💰

it’s the mid-’90s, and Amazon is just a fledgling online bookstore. Money is tight, and every dollar counts. So, what does Bezos do? He decides to turn doors into desks. Yes, you read that right—doors! 🚪

Bezos discovered that buying actual desks was too expensive for the cash-strapped startup. Instead, he bought cheap wooden doors, slapped on some legs, and voilà! Instant desk. This quirky move wasn’t just about saving a few bucks. It was a powerful symbol of Amazon’s frugal and innovative culture. The idea was to foster a mindset where every team member, from the newest hire to Bezos himself, was conscious of cost-efficiency 🙂

These door desks became a legendary part of Amazon’s history. They weren’t just a funny story to tell at parties—they embodied a philosophy. Bezos believed that by being scrappy and saving on the small things, Amazon could invest in big things that mattered, like customer service and product development 🙂

This door-desk strategy paid off. Those initial savings helped Amazon reinvest in growth, eventually transforming it into the e-commerce giant we know today. The story took another twist when, years later, Amazon started selling actual door desks on their platform, turning the frugal beginnings into a cheeky nod to their history.

It is always wise to regularly review your expenses and see if you can make any cost savings!! Maybe make it part of your monthly review meetings. You may be surprised at how much you can save 🙂

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