Build A Better Business – Don’t Market To Everyone

It’s much easier to sell to people that are more likely to buy your product than to everyone. I think this is obvious.

But a lot of business try to market to everyone thinking that their market and therefore sales will be bigger. However statistics have shown that you are far better narrowing your marketing efforts to your target market.

I myself run a small firm of Chartered Accountants and my target market is small businesses and individual sole traders. No point in me trying to sell to BP or Tesco’s as even though I think I might be of help they are unlikely to pick me as their accountants. It is a waste of effort. No point in selling a slimming product to underweight people or selling home insurance to non-home owners.

Some Business spent a lot of time identifying their target market and compiling lists

You need to concentrate your efforts on people that have a higher probability of using your product or service.

The most important first step is to identify your target market and then try and determine how you can narrow your marketing efforts to you target market.