Build A Better Business – Make Sure You Talk To An Accountant

Well I would say that wouldn’t I but seriously mistakes made by people with their tax affairs arise out of understandable ignorance. Tax law is very complex with of all sorts of inconsistencies.

If you are not an expert then the chances of you making an expensive error is greatly increased. It is also not a good use of your time. Better spend your time marketing and getting new customers.

The same goes with preparing accounts and instigating a management reporting system. How do you know which one to pick, do you understand how to prepare a profit and loss account and balance sheet? What KPI’s should I be using in my business?

Every business needs the help of an expert qualified accountant. If you are a start-up or small business you can engage an accountant. If you are a bigger business you are likely to have a Finance Director, full time or part time. Either way you are going to need help.

After all we are the experts not you

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